Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A late Christmas update

Alex visited his PO the week before Christmas and his eyes continue to be stable.  We go back next week again - already!  We have also completed blood testing to determine that he is not allergic to some common allergens (wheat, soy, dairy...) and we continue to work on the allergy problem.

Alex's canine teeth are finally coming in - he looks like a wee vampire with those two white points poking through his gums :)

Alex had a wonderful Christmas - he loved unwrapping gifts and happily opened all of his gifts over the span of several days, stopping to play with each one inbetween.  He also likes coloring at his new desk - and likes it even better when we sit and color with him.  He often sits down and asks "A? A?" so we will spell his name and write it for him.

Alex likes to "help" now - moving laundry from basket to basket and putting things away.  Now if only he wouldn't spend so much time taking things out!

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