Monday, March 16, 2009

The aftermath

Well, we now realize that the surgery was the easiest part of all of this.  Alex is still wearing the metal eye shield most of the day and it does not bother him in the least.  HE also wears elbow extension splints to sleep to keep him from removing the shield in his sleep.  He does not mind those either - even willingly extending his arms to have them put on.

The eye drops... ah, those are another tale to be told.  Alex needs eye drops 4 times per day as well as an ointment applied before bedtime.  Applying these medicines involve coordination worthy of a two man guerilla operation.  Alex hates the drops and kicks and screams about it every time.  We have learned that the promise of ice cream at the end makes it go a tiny bit easier.  I'll be relieved when we are done with drops - though that is a long way away.  ONce he finishes this course, he switches to another drop.  Sigh.

We head back to Boston this week for a Thursday morning visit to the surgeon.  We have hopes of being done with the eye shield then.  Alex's eye looks good - the redness and puffiness are mostly gone.  Apparently the incision sits just above his iris although we cannot see anything there.  Overall, we feel he is doing very well.

On another note - spring is coming here in the north country!  Alex and Zoe got some much needed outside playtime Sunday afternoon.  The tonka trucks got a workout too - and everyone slept well for all the exercise!

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